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10 march 2022

The group of companies AUTOCOMTECHOLOGYis fully

committed to import substitution

Import substitution as a factor in the growth of domestic production in 2020-2022 is again relevant, firstly, because of the pandemic, and secondly, because of geopolitical tensions that have destroyed established logistics ties and supply chains.

GK AVTOCOMTECHNOLOGY LLC has successfully established itself in the market among manufacturers and suppliers of components for domestic and imported equipment for the food industry and the oil and gas sector, including rubber products, metal and plastic products under the import substitution program. The company has extensive practical experience and developments (moulds, drawings) in the production and successful use of our products on imported equipment used in Russia and the CIS countries.

GK AVTOCOMTECHNOLOGY LLC produces spare parts and components for imported equipment of various industries, in particular for the food industry, we supply spare parts for equipment manufactured in the EU countries: Germany, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

Also, GK AVTOCOMTECHNOLOGY LLC produces spare parts, parts, consumables for imported equipment for the oil and gas industry, where there is practical experience in replacing imported components on equipment manufactured in America and Norway and used in offshore fields in the Russian Federation.

In connection with the international situation and the sanctions against the Russian Federation that have arisen, AVTOCOMTECHNOLOGY GK LLC has received an additional impetus for the development of an import substitution project in all industries. The imposition of sanctions on industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation makes it possible for our company to expand the range of spare parts produced and supplied for imported equipment of Russian enterprises.

The depreciation of the ruble against currencies increases the competitiveness of GC AVTOCOMTECHNOLOGY LLC not only in the Russian market, but also allows you to increase the export of manufactured products to our friendly countries in all industries.

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