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Our company has its own machine park, which allows us to manufacture all kinds of metal products, rubber and polymer materials, process products from various types of metal, create molds of any complexity, and manufacture parts according to customers' samples and drawings.

We carry out metalworking on new, modern equipment, using CNC milling and turning machines and universal machines with DROs:

Our company works according to the drawings of the customer, and also has the technical ability to develop drawings according to the sample details of the customer

CNC Milling and processing center

CNC Milling and processing center.

It is a multifunctional machine tool complex that performs turning and milling processing of parts with high positioning accuracy. It is used for processing metals, alloys and hard plastic. The structure of the device contains complex kinematics, it is controlled using a software module (CNC), which is loaded with data on the processing. Subsequently, the apparatus carries out drilling, turning or milling of the part in automatic mode with minimal operator involvement. This makes it possible to quickly obtain high-quality, similar products of the right quantity.

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe.

CNC lathe is designed for high-performance turning of parts such as "shaft", "screw", "flange", "sleeve", etc. from various structural materials in the conditions of a single, small-scale and mass production. The use of numerical program control allows to achieve high accuracy of tasks, to process in the automatic and semi-automatic production cycle, allowing you to quickly reconfigure the equipment, as well as several times increase the efficiency of the machine. All these advantages reduce the cost of production.

Universal screw cutting machine

Universal screw cutting machine.

This universal metal-cutting equipment is used for processing non-ferrous and ferrous metals, high-precision turning of circular products from metals, plastics and rubbers. The characteristics of the lathe incorporated in the design make it possible to effectively use it for turning surfaces with a workpiece length of up to 1500 mm, both cylindrical, spherical, and conical in shape. It can also be used for cutting workpieces, preparing holes, preparing various types of threaded connections - metric, inch, modular and pitch.

Universal turning screw cutter for large diameter workpieces

Universal turning screw cutter for large diameter workpieces.

Lathe is a universal metal-cutting equipment, which is used for processing non-ferrous and ferrous metals, high-precision turning of circular products from metals, plastics and large-diameter rubbers. The characteristics of the lathe incorporated in the design make it possible to effectively use it for turning surfaces of a workpiece with a diameter of up to 1000 mm, both cylindrical, spherical, and conical in shape. It can also be used for cutting workpieces, preparing holes, preparing various types of threaded connections - metric, inch, modular and pitch.

Milling machine

Milling machine.

It is used for processing with the help of a cutter of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, plastics, manufacturing parts of complex profile of any sections. Milling of parts is carried out by cylindrical, disk and shaped milling cutters using a horizontal spindle, and face, end and key milling cutters using a rotary vertical spindle. A wide range of spindle revolutions and feeds, the presence of mechanical feeds and fast movements provide economical processing of various parts in optimal conditions. On the machine you can perform a number of milling and boring operations with high accuracy, as well as drilling and reaming, chiselling, centering, caking, countersinking, reaming, boring.

Surface grinding machine

Surface grinding machine.

Carries out precision abrasive machining of metal surfaces, providing the highest precision machining of planar elements of products. The main purpose is the finishing of products after mechanical impact associated with the removal of by-products: scale, sag, burrs. Automatic movement is carried out in 3 coordinates (X, Y, Z), design features of surface grinding machines allow high-quality processing of materials with roughness parameters up to Ra-0.015 μm.

Circular grinding machine

Circular grinding machine.

It is used for peeling, finishing, precision machining of round surfaces of metal products, external and internal grinding of cylindrical, conical and shaped surfaces, as well as flat flange surfaces of holes with accuracy IT5 and IT6 in conditions of single, small-batch and mass production. A circular grinding machine is used at the final stage of production, for grinding parts that have undergone mechanical or thermal processing, manufactured on milling, drilling or turning equipment. As a working tool, diamond and grinding wheels are used.

CNC EDM machine

CNC EDM machine.

It is used for high-precision cutting of metal parts by electroerosive destruction of the surface of conductive materials, allowing you to give them almost any shape and create a surface of any configuration, both the outer and inner sides of the product. Processing takes place either at a right angle or at an angle from 1 to 30 degrees. It is possible to manufacture metal products of any hardness with a thickness of the processed material up to 400 mm, with an accuracy of 15 microns. High cutting accuracy is maintained even when working with workpieces of complex configuration. Electronic control of the depth and angle of cut, pressure and directivity of the coolant, as well as the power of the discharge ensures the highest quality of the products.

Hydraulic vulcanizing press

Hydraulic vulcanizing press.

It is a material processing machine driven by high pressure fluid. The press is designed for molding and vulcanizing rubber products of complex configuration with high density and high accuracy from raw rubber mixtures of various grades in removable and stationary molds. With this method of vulcanization, two molding processes are simultaneously combined using compression molding of a rubber compound and subsequent vulcanization under pressure. In some cases, these processes can be carried out separately.

Syringe-machine, extruder

Syringe-machine, extruder.

It is used for the production of complex-shaped long products and blanks from any rubber compounds, plastic or bulk substances. The device passes the loaded materials through a thin hole under high pressure, with preheating, which leads to compaction of the substance. For processing silicone and rubber compounds, the machine is equipped with a worm with a special thread. The ability to control various extruder parameters allows to obtain high-quality materials of various thickness and width. The extruder has a high level of productivity.

Spindle shaping machine

Spindle shaping machine.

This is a machine in which two horizontal, hollow massive rolls rotating towards each other with the same or different peripheral speeds. To maintain the required mode, the rollers have devices that regulate the size of the gap, control and regulate the temperature of the rolls and the pressure in the gap. The machine is designed to heat rubber, silicone and plastic mixtures of the required composition by an open method, release sheets and tapes during the production of rubber goods, introduce additional ingredients into the mixture for its preparation immediately before the vulcanization process.

Radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine.

The machine can be used for workpieces having both small and large weight. It allows you to perform various metal processing operations: boring, drilling and drilling holes of various diameters, countersinking, threading with a tap. In addition to these operations, using special tools and accessories on radial drilling machines, you can bore holes, grooves, cut large diameter holes and sheet metal disks, drill square holes, grind the exact holes of cylinders, bearings and valves.

Thermal furnaces for hardening and tempering of metal

Thermal furnaces for hardening and tempering of metal.

Thermal furnaces are used to heat treat a part by heat acting on a metal in certain modes to change its structure and properties. The thermal effect on the metal changes its properties and structure. This allows you to increase the mechanical properties of the material, durability and reliability of products, as well as reduce the size and weight of mechanisms and machines. This is an important feature in the manufacture of tools and parts for industrial equipment. In addition, due to heat treatment, cheaper alloys can be used to manufacture various parts.

Belt machine

Belt machine.

This is a machine, the working body of which is a saw in the form of a closed tape, stretched over the pulleys and continuously revolving around them. The cutting mechanism of the machine is powered by a gear motor that reports the movement to the drive pulley, which starts rotation after turning on the machine. Bandsaw machine designed for the manufacture of billets from metals and plates with minimal waste. It is characterized by a high level of productivity and efficiency, has small dimensions, low noise and allows you to get both straight and curved cuts on the workpiece.