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One of the main activities of the AvtokomTehnolodgy group of companies is metalworking. We are engaged in serial and single manufacture of high-tech products from metals and various alloys.

For these purposes, our machine park has the most modern equipment: CNC milling and processing centers, CNC turning machines, EDM machines, universal screw cutting machines with DROs, universal milling machines, surface grinding machines, circular grinding machines, hardening furnaces and metal tempering, radial drilling and band saw machines.

Machines equipped with numerical control systems make it possible to perform work with an accuracy of 10 microns. For the production of high-quality parts, our company uses tools and equipment of world famous manufacturers. Using a power tool in one set of workpieces, we can perform turning and milling types of processing. Our equipment allows us to expand the range of work performed, to increase the accuracy of the manufactured parts and to establish their mass production.

We produce products according to technical specifications and customer samples for enterprises in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical, energy and food industries. The work is carried out in several stages, first we analyze the technical documentation, then we select tools, accessories, select technology and programs on CNC machines. Then follows the production phase, during which double quality control of the products is carried out. We pay great attention to the coordination of technical issues with the customer, which gives us the opportunity to reduce the cost and speed up the manufacturing process of parts. Our design department successfully solves the tasks of preparing design and technological documentation, supporting the production process and quality control of products. Specialists of the department are highly qualified in the field of metalworking production.

Thanks to the use of modern software and the presence of a fleet of high-precision machines, we manage to perform work of any complexity. Our production uses the most advanced technologies, tools and techniques. Our main task is to provide quality services for the development and production of high-tech products on time.