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  • Manufacture and supply of components for industrial equipment

  • Mechanical seals

  • Rotary pressure joints

  • Rubber products

  • Plastic products

  • Steel products and CNC metalworking

  • Fitting keg repair kits

  • Modular belts, plate chains, conveyor components

  • Modern machinery park

Explosion protection certificate ATEX

  • Explosion protection certificate ATEX

Ex-Agencija. Agencija za prostore ugrozene eksplozivnom atmosferom.




[2] Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 94/9/EC.


[3] Receipt Number: EXA 14 ATEX D0055 Issue 1.


[4] Equipment: Mechanical seals.

Single seals: NT, NV-1, NV-2, NV-3, NM, NM-AD, NMM-1, NMM-2, BT-1, BV-1, BV-2, BV-3, NS-1, BT-TNG;
Double seals: BV-1D, BV-3D;
Single cartridge seals: UCA, UCB, UCC, MCA;
Double cartridge seals: UCD, MCD;
Single and double seal groups: Sealmix-1, Sealmix-2;
API Cartridge seals: API (API 01, API02,...)

Technical File Number: KR DC TD.
Technical File Date: October, 2014.


[5] Manufacturer: KROMA Ltd., Antifasisticke borbe 38,11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia.


[6] Ex-Agencija. Notified Body number 2465 according to Article 9 of the Council Directive 94/9/EC of 23 March 1994, herewith acknowledges receipt from the manufacturer of the technical file.


[7] The products listed In article 8 clause 1 b ii) of the Directive, for which a receipt is issued for the deposit of technical file, and for which the procedure for Internal Control of Production has been adopted (Annex VIII of the Directive), if the product has a Declaration of Conformity, with the exception of its components, and is marked with CE Marking, has the right to be freely put on the market in the EU.


[8] Ex-Agencija does not perform any checks for completeness and correctness of the documents contained in the technical file.


[9] According to the Directive the technical file is deposited for ten years from the date of the last manufactured piece of equipment. In case that a manufacturer's written confirmation for extension of the period of maintaining deposited technical documentation is missing.
Ex-Agencija will hold the technical documentation in its archive for 15 years, starting from the date this receipt is issued (until 27.10.2029).


[10] With deposit of technical documentation for above noted period manufacturer has been fulfilled requirements of Annex VIII of the Directive for non-electrical equipment of Category 2 and has the right to put the equipment on the market until 27.10.2019.
After that date manufacturer has to request extension of the period of deposit of technical documentation.

Date of issue: 27.10.2014
Department of equipment certification.

Approved: D. Korunic. dipl. ing. el.

Ex-Agencija, HR. 10001 Zagreb, p.p. 304. Bastijanova bb. Phone: +385 1 3667-260. Fax.: + 385 1 3667-262