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Hydraulic wiper ring HG-WSL


The wool ring WSL has an edge of high mobility on the dynamic side, and on the static - a sturdy, shorter, outstanding edge. This special profile protects the rod and the static side (at the landing site) from contamination, debris and water. Strong dirt can damage the seal and cause corrosion of the inside of the cylinder.

Technical specifications:

Speed: < 1 m/s.

Temperature: from -35°C to +100°C with a peak value of +110°C

Operating environment: water at room temperature, mineral oils (see Table 1 on page 1.2.4).


Name: polyurethane (PU) with high modulus of elasticity, low permanent deformation and high abrasion resistance.

Hardness: Shore 93 А 2.

Material code: C0.


Installation does not cause any complications, as it is carried out in a semi-open groove in the nearest part outside the cylinder.

The allowable surface roughness should be maintained to avoid ring scratching during installation.

(For more information, see the Installation Instructions on page 1.2.14).