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Non-clogging self-primming

Non-clogging self-primming pumps for SP series

Non-clogging self-priming pumps of the SP series are intended for use in urban wastewater treatment systems, industrial wastewater, etc. Electric pumps of this series are characterized by optimal hydraulic parameters and a long service life.

Electric pumps of the SP series are characterized by optimal hydraulic parameters and a long service life.

- non-flammable and non-explosive liquids;
- rainwater and sewage;
- urban sewerage, construction sites, drainage pumping stations;
- industrial effluent of light, paper, textile, food and chemical industries, power plants, mines, etc;
- sewage in residential areas;
- sewage and underground water treatment systems;
- leather industry, sewage of slaughterhouses, fish farming on rivers and ponds;
- wine and sugar industry;
- supply of low-aggressive, but highly polluted effluents.

- stable and reliable operation;
- rapid self-priming, high head;
- a removable design that provides easy maintenance and troubleshooting;
- the semi-enclosed impeller and the non-clogged design of the electric pump are characterized by high throughput;
- the electric pump can be installed near the sump well, with only the suction pipe submerged in the liquid (the electric pump must be filled with water only at the first start).

Operating conditions:
- temperature of pumped liquid: 0°С - 40°С;
- average density up to 1.2 x 103 kg/m3;
- hydrogen index pH 5 - 9;
- the content of mechanical particles in a medium of 2%;
- maximum particle diameter: SP-2 - 38 mm; SP-3 - 63 mm; SP-4 / SP-6 / SP-8 / SP-10 - 76mm;
- ambient temperature: 40°С;
- maximum height above sea level: 1000 m;
- range of feeds: 10 m3/h - 750 m3/h;
- range of pressure: 3 m - 38 m;
- power: 1,1 kW - 90 kW.

Installation requirements:
The suction pipeline of the electric pump can be flexible or rigid, the material of the pipes used must be chemically and mechanically resistant to the pumped liquid. Pipeline must be rigid enough not to collapse when sucked.
The distance between the submerged suction pipe in the sump well and the wall of the well should be 1.5 times the pipe radius.
If there are two suction sources in the sump well, the distance between the pipes must be at least three times the radius of the pipe.
The suction height of the electric pump depends on the speed of the liquid in the pipeline.
The pressure of the suction head, if any, should not exceed 50% of the maximum operating pressure.
When using a screen filter, its throughput total cross-section should be 4-6 times larger than the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe. Make sure that the maximum diameter of the filter holes for the passage of particles is less than the permissible particle size for the electric pump.