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Smart cartridge mechanical seals

15 June 2018

Kroma LTD has developed and started the production of modules that allow monitoring the status of cartridge seals.

This year at the international exhibition of chemical industry ACHEMA, Kroma LTD presented an innovative development in the field of sealing, iCartridge monitoring system. This special module consists of pressure, vibration and temperature sensors installed on the microcontroller board, with the ability to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth. The iCartridge module can be installed directly on any cartridge seal, allowing you to monitor the status of the seal and pump at any time.

The iCartridge module ensures that any changes in the system's operation will be detected at an early stage, and maintenance work can be planned in advance, which will avoid equipment downtime and failures during operation.

Mechanical seal iCartridge

Given the size of the iCartridge module, it can be installed on the entire range of our cartridge seals. It includes our standard ISO, DIN sealing seals, API seals, mixer seals, and special seals for the pulp and paper industry, sugar industry and many others. Our development can turn any centrifugal pump into an intelligent installation with improved characteristics. iCartridge is equipped with its own battery, which provides independent power.

The received data is recorded locally, at specified intervals, stored directly on iCartridge and can be downloaded via Bluetooth connection at any time. Also, it is possible to view the readings of sensors in real time and record them directly to the mobile device, through a special application. While viewing the records of the iCartridge module, the user receives full information about the compaction with the operating parameters and technical drawings.

The purpose of the new solution, the creation of an intelligent interface for a huge number of pumps operating in different industries.

The AvtokomTehnolodgy group of companies offers these monitoring modules for the operation of cartridge seals, either individually or already pre-installed in the cartridge seal first.