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  • Manufacture and supply of components for industrial equipment

  • Mechanical seals

  • Rotary pressure joints

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Production of rotary joints according to customer drawings

The AvtokomTehnolodgy group of companies supplies double-flow rotary joints for workers such as oil, air, vacuum, water, steam, ink, which are widely used in a wide variety of industries.

In addition to the most common rotary joints, such manufacturers as Deublin, Johnson, Duff-Norton, Meier, RotoFlux, our company is ready to offer also analogs of rotating connections of lesser known companies.

So, for example, based on drawings and working conditions, we made a rotary joint, which is a complete analogue of the original GR 50 F, the Italian firm TURIAN.

The rotary joint UOPD A 13 C=1"BSP made by us is fully compatible with the equipment for which it is installed and in no way inferior in its technical characteristics, the connection TURIAN GR 50F, which failed.

Double-flow rotary joint UOPD A 13 Analog of rotary joint TURIAN GR 50F Rotary joint UOPD A 13 C=1 BSP, analog of TURIAN GR 50F

A feature of this multifunctional rotating joint is the use in it of ball bearings with low torque, which ensure an ideal alignment of sealing surfaces, which ensures reliable sealing of the rotating and fixed parts of the rotary joint, even under severe operating conditions. Thus, the balanced sealing of the contact surfaces, allows you to maintain the same load, regardless of the pressure of the working medium, thereby reducing friction and wear, which in turn prolongs the service life of the product. The rotating part of the seal is made of silicon carbide, and the fixed part is made of carbon graphite.
The tests showed that when working with an aqueous medium, this combination of friction pairs is capable of withstanding a load many times greater than a combination of seals made of carbon graphite and ceramics under the same operating conditions. The high wear resistance and durability of the mechanical seals used in this rotating joint, as well as the simple and quick replacement of both the floating seal and the seal on the rotor side, make this rotary joint model indispensable for solving problems of transferring the working medium from fixed parts to rotating mechanisms.

You can get acquainted with rotary connections of this type in our catalog.

If you are at a loss with the choice, call us! Our managers will advise you and select the necessary components.