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Торцевое уплотнение насоса, Торцевые уплотнения в Волгограде, Торцевые уплотнения для насосов, Уплотнение вала, Ротационные соединения

  • Manufacture and supply of components for industrial equipment

  • Mechanical seals

  • Rotary pressure joints

  • Rubber products

  • Plastic products

  • Steel products and CNC metalworking

  • Fitting keg repair kits

  • Modular belts, plate chains, conveyor components

  • Modern machinery park


Lowara is part of Xylem Inc., a multinational company, which operates in the water industry through a portfolio of 40 different brands in 150 countries around the world. It was founded in 1968 in Montecchio Maggiore, near Venice in Italy where its HQ is still based today in a building designed by architect Renzo Piano.

Lowara products are characteristic through their high use of stainless steel in their products –designed to keep water uncontaminated. Combined with their use of laser welding technology, Lowara pumps are suitable for even the most heavy-duty applications involving heavy chemicals.